Our Story

The name ‘Dikkan Elfereej’ was inspired by the simple and beautiful heritage of Bahrain’s convenient neighborhood stores. The recreation of this nostalgic concept is to rebuild the platform for Bahraini micro-businesses to showcase their creations & work. Dikkan Elfereej’s availability to meet the needs of consumers digitally and physically proves its modernity without losing the store’s authentic core.

What We Do

Dikkan Elfereej helps micro-businesses to grow by providing the right business environment for them to prosper. This also includes programs such as digital marketing, workshops, social media designs and other services. The aim of Dikkan Elfereej is to create opportunities for every micro-business owner to market and sell their products locally and globally.

Why Us

The aim of Dikkan Elfereej is helping micro-businesses find a platform to sell their products but also, an actively charitable organization. Dikkan Elfereej donates all its profits to Bahrain Trust Foundation as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. Bahrain Trust Foundation fund projects that helps build communities locally and in the worlds most poverty-stricken countries. By buying our products, customers are simultaneously assisting the lives of both communities locally and internationally.